Designed Masks And a Number of Useful Protection Tips For all Dubrovnik Visitors

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the City of Dubrovnik took additional protection measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus and to make our visitors as safe as possible during their stay in Dubrovnik.

All the instructions concerning responsible behavior were hung up at the Old Town’s entrance, while posters on maintaining physical distance, personal hygiene and wearing a mask indoors were put in all public buses and cultural institutions of the City of Dubrovnik. In collaboration with Sanitat Dubrovnik d.o.o. posters were also placed on LCD poles in various locations around the city, the most common of which are bus stops where many visitors tend to gather.

Hand disinfection is mandatory for every visitor frequenting the Information Offices of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board. A notice about mandatory mask wearing, as well as notification of the maximum people capacity at the Information Offices is placed on the front door, as well as inside the building. The stickers indicating mandatory physical distance are also marked on the floor.

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the City of Dubrovnik have designed protective masks for all visitors as well as wet wipes for hygienic hand disinfection and advise everyone to act responsibly in order to keep Dubrovnik as safe as possible for all its visitors.