Dion Middelkoop is the winner of this years’ Ston marathon

The 45-year-old who runs for South African Team Contego is the new winner of the 7th edition of the Ston marathon. He crossed the finish line before 23 other runners, with a time of 3:15:09. With this time he managed to set a new record! Antoni Puig Izquierdo from Spain was second through the finish line
(3:19:59), and Zeljko Bradaric from Split was the third (3:37:53). First place in the women’s competition belongs to Anu Ossberg from Finland (4:06:35).

In the category of amateurs, in a four kilometers long run, Slovenian Tomas Rebollo was the fastest man, and Stonka Lea Franusic, also from Slovenia won in the women’s competition. In the 15 kilometers long run Andrew McLeod from Germany came first, and Briton Rachel Newstead was the champion in the women’s competition.
Total of 120 competitors participated in the marathon.