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Discover Dubrovnik’s Stunning Beaches: Lonely Planet’s Top Picks

Although Croatia is widely known for its stunning coastline and beaches that attract visitors from all over the world, it’s safe to say that Croatian tourism is currently experiencing its peak, at least judging by the increasing recognition of our country in global tourism. In 2023 alone, Croatia made it onto four global tourism top lists, and according to forecasts from our tourism community, Croatia is expecting an unprecedented summer season…

Lonely Planet, a renowned global media portal, has turned its attention to Croatia as the perfect summer destination, particularly its breathtaking beaches. In a dedicated article, they have crowned 14 beaches as the “most beautiful in the country,” including three gems from our own county.

Among the top-ranked beaches are the charming Sveti Jakov Beach, offering picturesque views near the Church of St. Jacob, the scenic Ušće Beach at the mouth of the Neretva River and the magnificent Šunj Beach on Island Lopud, ranked among the top picks. Explore these pristine coastal treasures that have captured the attention of Lonely Planet, and experience the unparalleled beauty of Dubrovnik’s coastline.