“Disney Magic” Arrives In Dubrovnik

Disney arrives in Dubrovnik!

The cruise ship ‘Disney Magic, part of the  Disney Cruise Line. arrives at Dubrovnik port on July 5th this summer.

Very popular Disney Cruises through the years have created fantastic fun on the sea, focused, of course, on children.

Their official web site says that ship is 294 meters long, and 32 meters wide, and  has 11 decks for fun!  All the restaurants are designed thematically, all the crew members wear Disney mascot costumes, and many, many animators entertain kids at every corner of the ship.

Besides the children’s program, ‘Disney magic’ has some teen and thematic programs for children of all ages and their parents as well.

Many documentary films and shows have been filmed about this unusual cruise ship, so if you’re in Dubrovnik during this period, be sure to pay a visit to the happiest ship in the world!