DIU – Dubrovnik International University

Established in 2008, Dubrovnik International University (DIU) is the first private university in Croatia.  The city of Dubrovnik is recognized throughout the world as a place with a distinct identity in terms of traits and factors which conditioned its development. These include diplomacy, international relations and trade, relations between civilizations and art. This rich heritage along with Dubrovnik’s marvelous diplomatic and economic history, which is still evident throughout the ancient city, makes it the perfect location to pursue the study of international affairs and business.

DIU offers undergraduate and graduate university degrees in International Relations and Diplomacy, International Business and International Political Economy. As the only university in the region that offers university diplomas in these areas, DIU’s mission is to form the leaders of today’s increasingly global and interconnected world. Fully organized according to the European standard Bologna System, our programs provide students with the opportunity to experience a unique and dynamic educational environment marked by an individualized approach to learning.

Focusing on quality rather than quantity of students, the DIU accepts no more than 30 students per group. Classes and seminars are conducted in small groups, which facilitate unrestrained discussion and direct communication between students and their professors.

Much of the strength of the education offered by the Dubrovnik International University comes from its first-rate faculty. The DIU has attracted a group of Croatia’s leading scholars and academics who  teach at the University on a permanent basis. Besides being academically successful, all of the DIU’s professors have served as active practitioners in their chosen field: they represent a group comprised of former Ambassadors, Ministers, economists, CEOs, artistic directors, and other business and political leaders. This combination of academic prestige and real-world experience ensures that DIU students are exposed to programs and courses that balance the theoretical with the practical.  The DIU has also attracted a number of renowned international scholars, some of whom are employed on a full-time basis, and number of them visit the University as guest professors and lecturers.

Different from any other university in Croatia, this university is committed in bringing together students and professors of all nationalities. Currently, students from 14 different countries are studying at Dubrovnik International University, and the numbers are increasing every year. As a truly international university, our cooperative programs with other universities around the world will allow for the exchange of students, professors, and ideas.  It is our firm belief that this type of multinational and multicultural education is necessary for success in today’s globalized world.

In addition, acquiring education at DIU is a collaborative effort. In an atmosphere that nurtures initiative, responsibility and openness, students are invited to explore programs that combine a solid intellectual foundation with a practical approach. DIU students are not passive observers charged with absorbing lessons, but are rather active participants in the formation of knowledge. Most importantly, they understand how to apply their capabilities and education in real situations in today’s global village.

For further information about our programs, please feel free to contact us at:

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