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Do You Like Strawberry Trees? In That Case, Here’s a Great Workshop For You

In cooperation with the Association for the Preservation of the Village, Heritage and Customs ‘Škola Majkovi’ and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, the Good Food Festival 2016 program has been enhanced by two workshops that will be held in the village of Majkovi in the Dubrovnik littoral region.

The harvest of the strawberry tree, a very widespread evergreen shrub or small tree that grows in the Mediterranean area, and in Croatia from Istria to Dalmatia and the islands, is scheduled for Saturday, October 22nd. It is a forgotten fruit, but very useful and beneficial, and marmalade, jam, juice, liquor, wine and brandy are made from it. The Association ˝Škola Majkovi˝ is organising the strawberry tree harvest, after which marmalade from the fruit will be prepared, followed by a delicious meal in the Ano Mill of the Kraljević family that will close out the program.

On Sunday, October 23rd there will be a workshop on gathering edible plants growing along the littoral hills and whose consumption is becoming ever more popular. Privileged to live among yet untouched nature, this is a real opportunity to learn how to recognize and collect edible plants, which are becoming today’s super-food, in the wild.

Good Food Festival 2016