Dogs Steal The Show At Dubrovnik Wedding

Even the beautiful little girl on this picture is almost outdone in the cuteness stakes by these adorable little puppies at a recent wedding in Dubrovnik!

The four legged friends were guests of honour at the wedding of a bride from Austria who volunteers at the local dog sanctuary on Zarkovica in Dubrovnik and her husband to be wanted to surprise her on their special day. The groom contacted the Srtene Sapice (Lucky Paws) association to help them with his request and they were more than happy to oblige.

Dressed for the occasion with bows around their collars the puppies photographs make the perfect advert for the sanctuary and the honourable work the association does. The newlyweds made a donation to Lucky Paws and you can do your bit by joining them on Facebook, making a donation or, if you live in Dubrovnik, by taking in an abandoned dog.