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Du Motion: Dubrovnik International Half Marathon Is a Place Where we Meet New Friends

More than 350 volunteers helped in the organization of the first Dubrovnik International Half Marathon last year. They cheered for the runners, they were their support, strength, and friend in need. So we don’t even have to say how much the contribution of volunteers is going to be significant during the second edition of the race, which will be held on May 1st. That is why we talked with few high school students who helped at the last year’s marathon, and they will do the same this year.
‘This experience was useful because I met a lot of new friends’ says Marina, first among our interlocutors.
‘It was great. I woke up at 6 am to take the security fence to the city. When I finished with that I got an assignment to control the traffic during the race. I was really proud’ said Mateo Marin Barisic, the 1st-grade student of Economic school.
‘I felt important when I worked at the marathon. I love to participate in these kinds of events. I love helping my city’, says Marin.
The 3rd-grade students of Gymnasium Martina and Bruno were ‘waterboys’ to runners, and this year they want to deliver medals to the athletics. We hope the people from the organization will hear their desire and help them with it. Because these young people are very important to the city – they gave a great contribution to the race, and tourism and this year they will do it again! That is why we invite more young people of Dubrovnik to join the volunteers by filling the application form on the official website of the race You will meet new people, you will have a great time and create a new history of Dubrovnik. Think about it!