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Du Motion Invites More than 1000 Runners to Dubrovnik

Du Motion, 2nd Dubrovnik International Marathon will be held on the 28th of April to 1st of May 2016. On Saturday 30th of April, Kids will participate in the ‘small’ race at the Stradun, and runners with experience will run on Dubrovnik city walls. The day after, on Sunday 1st of May, nearly 1000 runners will participate in the Race 5K and Half Marathon (21 km).

During the half marathon and 5K race, the streets of Dubrovnik are going to be closed from 9 am to 1:30 pm. Here is the list of streets closed to vehicles: Iza Grada City, Brsalje, Branitelja Dubrovnika, Put od Republike, Vukovarska street, Dr. Ante Starcevica, Nikola Tesle Street, Obala Stjepana Radica, Obala Ivana Pavla II, section D420 of country road Solska base – Sustjepan, and former county road 6254 at the section Sustjepan – Prijevor in both directions.