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Dubrovnik Again on the Very Interesting ‘A Must See’ List

‘For majority of Europeans, summer is the time where they relax and enjoy vacation for a few days. They usually are inclined towards the Mediterranean region that comprises of diverse cultures and countries. Abundance of magnificent resorts has something to offer to all kinds of people. People who love the beach go towards Menorca or Santorini, people who love to party find their perfect place, Majorca. Food enthusiasts indulge in scrumptious Corsican treats. Now let’s take a look at Top 10 Mediterranean Places to Visit this summer, and see which one appeals to you the most‘, Travel Bible writes.

Dubrovnik is, as expected, on the list. Described as a very famous tourist spot and extremely historic, Dubrovnik holds three reasons why to visit us – according to this famous travelling web page – Dubrovnik is rich in history, culture, and with stunning beaches and resorts, while the best time to visit is from May till October.

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