Dubrovnik Art Forum, Days of Russian Culture in Dubrovnik

What is the first thing you think about when you think of Russia? Fairy tales, right? Then we don’t need to explain why the Russian fairy tales were exactly the ones that opened the festival of Russian culture in Lazareti yesterday. SKA3KI or Fairy Tales’ the artistic project was shown as the first part of Dubrovnik Art Forum, the festival dedicated to Russian literature, art, and creativity which will be held up to 9th of April. The festival was opened by the artistic director of the festival Olga Nikiforova and director of the Marin Drzic Theatre Ante Vlahinic, but also by five young Russian artists who combine the theatre and contemporary art. Topunova Olga, Olga Nikitina, Artur Kalashnikov, Mikhail Zaikanov and Mikhail Petruhin presented Russia through the myths – fairy tales, Snowwhite, Lenin and others. Their exhibition was just a part of the activities which will be offered to Dubrovnik audience till Saturday.

Tomorrow, on Wednesday, citizens will be able to watch one theatre play or to join one workshop.

11 am ‘Art School.’
Stage Movement
workshop: Vladimir Sazhin

Workshop of Vladimir Sazhin, assistant professor in the department of ‘Plastic / non-verbal expression of an actor.’ This workshop consists of a series of exercises aimed at the maximum development of the body – the elements of acrobatics and dance.

8 pm Marin Drzic Theatre
Theatre play ‘Do not leave your loved ones.’
Directed by Georgy Surkov