Dubrovnik is the most beautiful Mediterranean port

‘Cruises News’ proclaimed Dubrovnik the most beautiful Mediterranean port, at the awards ceremony held in the Museum of Modern Art in Palma the Majorca.

Cruises News Media Group is the magazine specialised for cruises in Spain, and every year they give away prestigious ‘Excellence Cruise Award’ for the cruise sector, and this year Dubrovnik was – number one. Croatia has previously won the award  – in fact, this is the fourth time, and for the first time, Dubrovnik stands alone of throne.

Cruise ship travelling continues to grow both in the European and global tourism, as well in Spain in Croatia. According to CBS data, there were 828 cruises in the Croatian territorial water, which is 3.2 percent more than in the 2012., with total of 1.23 million passengers, thus  7.2 percent more.

On cruises that visited Croatia last year, one could see flags of 17 countries from all around the world – traditionally most of them from Bahamas (205), Malta (165), Italy (134), Panama (99) and Bermudes (57).

In the last year, cruising was the option for 21, 3 million passengers, amongst them 7 million Europeans, which makes total of the 4.5 percent more than in year 2012.