Dubrovnik Drug Dealers Arrested In Interpol Action

Friday morning traffic in Dubrovnik was worse than usual today as local police were stationed all over the city. Several suspected drug dealers in Dubrovnik have been arrested as part of an Interpol operation to break a major drug ring in the Balkans.

One of the suspects arrested is a MMA fighter, A. Ahmić,  well known in Dubrovnik sporting and social circles. Ahmić, who hadn’t been seen in Dubrovnik for some days, was arrested in Sarajevo where it is believed he may have been hiding from the authorities. Others arrested include D. Šetka, who runs Movie Cafe in Lapad and the owner of Retro pizzeria in Gruž, M. Škaljić. Business addresses and homes of the suspects were searched by police who removed potential evidence.

Around 50 arrests have been made across Montenegro, Serbia, Albania an Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the months long operation.