Dubrovnik filled with fabulous flavors of the Good Food Festival!

Good Food Festival had, in the past two days, fed and cheered up many of Dubrovnik citizens and their guests. Yesterday was marked by traditional Ston cake which was prepared at the Arsenal restaurant in front of many curious people, with the sounds of jazz music and cheese and wine tasting. In fact, last night in front of the Sponza all Dubrovnik citizens and guests were able to dine at the tasting of Dalmatian cheeses and Plavac Mali. Customers who recently stopped in the city were delighted with the flavors of local cheeses and were back for more, without caring for the storm and cold. True, Plavac helped with keeping them warm, but also there were the jazz musicians – the ambassadors of the good atmosphere.
Saturday on the other hand, was in the sign of the Festival of pancakes which was held in front of the Sponza. With music, good mood and fragrant sauces for pancakes, citizens were entertained for hours.
At the same time on few locations in the city workshops of making jam and traditional desserts were organized for people. Some of those traditional dishes will be served this evening, to guests at dinner with the chef Mate Jankovic.
More about traditional meals, and in general, about the tradition of Dubrovnik was said today at the lunch with the Prince, and at the promotion of the book ‘Dubrovnik table’.
Take a look at our photo gallery for a slice of the atmosphere from Dubrovnik.