Dubrovnik from fashionistas’ perspective

Seven degrees of separation directed us towards two young women, twin sisters to be exact, who represent the true meaning of the word Cosmopolit. They were born and raised between Vienna and Croatia, live and reside between, Vienna, Croatia, Madrid, London, New York and any other city that offers them something interesting.
These ladies are namely fashion-oriented and they manage to turn their passion into a life-style. They blog about it on And this is what they noted about Dubrovnik.
´Who would have thought that Dubrovnik would be so warm! The temperatures rose up to 25 degrees over the last weekend. We had to change our outfits immediately after landing – from warm coats and boots we switched into something lighter, t-shirts and ballerinas.Working on our exciting photo series was intense, but so much fun! In cooperation with Maria store (the most exclusive multibrand store to visit when strolling through the old town of Dubrovnik) and photographer Miso Sevelj it was made into an incredible experience.´

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Photo: Miso Sevelj