Dubrovnik Gives Other Rivieras a Run for the Money, Says CNN

For those who can afford them, the French and Italian rivieras have always been unbeatable destinations for anyone in search of sun, sea, sand and style. Or have they?, writes CNN, stating that Croatia’s Dubrovnik Riviera may ‘just be better than both’.

Well, thank you CNN! Here’s what they wrote about our town and its surroundings:

With 260 days of sunshine and one of the most eye-catching coastlines in the Med, this chic stretch of Adriatic shoreline is justifiably pulling in ever-greater visitor numbers each year.

The 20-kilometer riviera is a silhouette of dramatic emerald mountains that tumble down to inviting bays overlooking royal blue seas.

Coupled with Dubrovnik Old Town, one of the world’s most photographed medieval walled cities, the region offers an alluring beach and city combo.

CNN also brings 12 reasons why to go to Dubrovnik: coastline, amazing festivals, Srđ, villas, wines, food… Read them all here.