Dubrovnik Golf Development Gets Green Light

Any tourists visiting the Old Town on Tuesday may have witnessed a slightly different attraction in the shape of a protest outside the Dubrovnik City Council offices. Members of the environmental group ‘Srd je nas’ (Srd Is Ours) arrived with banners and speakerphones to protest against the approval of the urban development plan for a golf course and accommodation on Srd hill above the city.

Councillors were delayed an hour and half from their meeting due to the protesters who block their paths and carried posters with their faces on that read ‘prodano’ or ‘sold’. During the council meeting the urban development was given the green light by way of vote with the majority of members voting yes (17) and just 7 voting no.

This now means that despite the associations great efforts to put a halt to the development via referendum and even members entering the council through recent local elections, the course’s building will go ahead along with the accommodation.