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Dubrovnik in autumn is cheerful and optimistic

Do not let falling autumn leaves and nature is going to sleep discourage you. Although the people of old Dubrovnik avoided making any necessary decision when the south wind was blowing, you may use such days for leisure and enjoyment.

Can you imagine a nicer picture than you swimming in the heated swimming pool while it is raining outside, the white-crested waves are roaring and the sky is covered with heavy dark clouds. Fortunately, rainy days in Dubrovnik are scarce. The clouds most often release their cargo and continue to run across the sky, leaving the clear blue sky behind. When the rain stops, go for a stroll in the stone streets and Stradun.

Experience the splendour of stone and the redness of the roofs, take tea and buy an excellent book about the history of this charming City. Discover the cosmetics manufactured in the 14th century, and have your photograph taken at Peskarija with the furious sea in the background. With the wind in your hair and a glow in your eyes taste pancakes with Seville orange jam, buy yourself old Dubrovnik jewellery, visit the Dubrovnik Theatre – the little box in red and yellow colours of autumn.

The fall in Dubrovnik is often called an Indian summer because late September, October and also November are often ideal for holidays. The blue sea is still warm enough and the temperature so agreeable that lounging on a sunny beach is extremely pleasant. That is the time when you become the ruler of the clean pebble beaches.

While relaxing in the gentle Sun, you won’t believe that late autumn can be so enjoyable.