[Dubrovnik in Québec City] The Photo Exhibition of World Heritage Cities

The Theme of the Exhibition is: 'It’s Good to Live In …'

Regensburg, Suzhou, Querétaro, Split, Le Havre, Vienna, Sawahlunto, Porto, Mexico City, Strasbourg, Colonia del Sacramento, Dubrovnik, Évora, Kutná Hora, Gyeongju, Krakow, Vilnius, Nice, Malacca, Luxembourg, Hoi An and Québec City were selected – from nearly 60 applications received – to participate in the exhibition organized by the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC).

Dubrovnik in Quebec City The Photo Exhibition of World Heritage Cities 1

The OWHC’s photo exhibition is organized in parallel with the 16th World Congress has just been made official on August 17 at Place d’Youville, in downtown Quebec City.

The theme of the exhibition is: ‘It’s good to live in …’, showing on each panel a World Heritage city and an aspect of its quality of life.

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