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Dubrovnik invites you to the Art Week

Art Week Dubrovnik will be held at the newly renovated Prijeko Palace from 23rd to 30th November. The Week is going to open with a show by the academic painter Lena Kramarić titled ‘Through the Looking Glass’, on Sunday 23rd of November at 4 pm. And where is art there is always great music, this time it will be performed by Klapa Kase and Maja Grgic & Igor Vlahusic.

Lena Kramaric is a painter from Zagreb who has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 2007. The title of her exhibition ‘Through the Looking Glass’ is taken from a book by Lewis Carroll (Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, 1871). ‘Chasing the mirror’, or freely translated ‘Through the Looking-Glass’, is a combined name for several separate images associated with the same idea as an attempt to close them in as a whole.

‘In fact, all seemingly separate entities merge into one story that was inexhaustibly developing throughout the years.Some images have been processed on many layers to obtain a structure similar to my thoughts, cluttered desires, plans and expectations’, explained Lena Kramaric.