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Dubrovnik, once again, is number one!

Business Insider chose Dubrovnik as number one destination to visit ‘during the lifetime’. Our gorgeous city is on the list together with Havana, Las Vegas, Santorini, Reykyavik hot springs, and other 100 destinations.

‘Croatian cultural pearl’ is leading the list because of its walls, followed by China wall, Macchu Picchu, Petra in Jordan…

We bring you ‘top ten’ places to visit:

1.       Take a walk on city walls of Dubrovnik
2.       Drive the classic car in Havana, Kuba
3.       Travel to Las Vegas
4.       Climb Angkor Wat in Kambodia
5.       Take a photo in Grand Canyon
6.       Visit great turtles and sea lions on Galapagos
7.       Spend the night in ice hotel, as one on mountain Fargas near Bucharest in Romania
8.       Visit the Salvador carnival in Brasil
9.       Float on Dead Sea in Israel
10.   Eat the pizza in Napoli, Italy