Dubrovnik on the list of top 10 cities for sex!

According to research conducted on 2,000 young Britons aged 18-36 years, Dubrovnik is one of 10 destinations in the Mediterranean which are best for sexual activities. Our Dubrovnik shared sixth place with Magalaufom in Mallorca. The famous Spanish resort Benidorm is regarded as the favourite destinations in the Mediterranean when the sexual activity of tourists is in question.

Young Britons have revealed what they are doing on their summer vacation and what their sex life looks like. Every tenth respondent admitted that they are consuming sex with a complete stranger and without protection. 31 percent said that when on vacation they like to enjoy alcohol, and often they light their first cigarette or increase the number of cigarettes they smoke normally on a daily basis (13 percent). Every tenth Briton younger than 25 years admitted that their sexual relationship has resulted in photographs or footage on the Internet.

Here is the full list of Top 10 destinations for sex:
1. Benidorm (12%)
2. Ayia Napa (9%)
3. Faliraki (7%)
4. Rome (7%)
5. San Antonio (6%)
6. Magaluf (6%)
7. Dubrovnik (6%)
8. Kavos (5%)
9. Laganas (5%)
10. Marbella (4%)