Dubrovnik recahed great results in 2014 tourist season!

According to statistic data of the Tourist Board, Dubrovnik scored record-breaking results in 2014. From the 1st of January to 31st of December, Dubrovnik recorded around 863, 801 arrivals, which makes a total of 12% more arrivals than last year. Out of this number there were 813,363 foreign and 50,438 domestic tourists, which makes 13% more recorded foreign visitors than in 2013 and the same number of domestic tourists as last year. During 2014 tourists had 3.121,125 overnight stays, which was an increase of 9% compared to 2013.

Of the total number of tourists recorded between 1st of January and 31st of December 2014., 569,471 guests stayed at 46 hotels, which was an increase of 7% compared to the year 2013. In private accommodation, however, 190,109 guests were registered, and that was an increase of 38% compared to 2013.

Guests came from UK (15% increase in arrivals and 15% in overnight stays compared to 2013), Germany (6% growth in arrivals and 6 % in overnight stays), France (3% less tourist arrivals and 4% less overnight stays), USA (20% of increase in arrivals and 22% in overnight stays), Croatia (equal number of arrivals, and a 5% increase in overnight stays), Sweden (an increase of 6% in arrivals and 3% in overnight stays), Spain (an increase of 16% in arrivals and 11% in overnight stays), Norway (6% decrease in arrivals and 9% less overnight stays), Australia (an increase of 9% in arrivals and 12% in overnight stays) and Italy (14% growth in arrivals and 20% in overnight stays).
Tourists between 21 to 30 years of age have visited Dubrovnik 21% more number than the year before, ages between 31-40 -15%, ages between 41-60 years – 11%, 0-12 years – 10%, 13-20 years – 10%, and 60+ recorded an increase of 8% compared to 2013.

Despite the intense cold and unfavourable weather conditions, the New Year in the centre of Dubrovnik welcomed around 4.000 tourists. Most of them were domestic guests and guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Albania, Germany, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States.