Dubrovnik Silences the Loudspeakers: The Old Town Becomes an ‘Unplugged’ Zone

Dubrovnik, especially its Old Town, will become a noise-free zone from this season!

Following a meeting with local residents residing within the city walls, Mayor Mato Franković has announced swift modifications to the city regulations. The noise levels will be continuously monitored and those who violate the new provisions by exceeding the permissible noise limit will face immediate termination of their lease on public premises, shared Mayor Mato Franković.

This means that loudspeakers on facades will be removed from the urban infrastructure and will no longer be allowed to be installed, while existing ones will be taken down. Furthermore, a significant change will be applied to the performance of music in public areas within the historical zone. This implies that the use of amplified devices for music will be prohibited in public spaces, and music can only be played using ‘unplugged’ instruments, making the historical zone the first to be ‘unplugged’.

Residents within the historic zone have voiced concerns regarding the early-morning movement of goods using forklifts, disrupting their sleep. In response, the Mayor highlighted that the new City regulations will prohibit the use of pallet trucks or forklifts without pneumatic tires for transporting goods within the historic core.