Dubrovnik, The Most Desirable of Them All

The Award Was Given to Dubrovnik @ The 'Wanderlust Reader Travel Awards' Ceremony

Dubrovnik is the most desirable city in Europe, according to the Wanderlust readers choice, at the ‘Wanderlust Reader Travel Awards’ ceremony. Wanderlust is one of the oldest and most prestigious British travel magazines.
The Wanderlust magazine gala awards ceremony was held in collaboration with London’s World Travel Market, on November 8 in one of the most attractive locations in London, the Tower of London. The host was one of the most famous TV travel writers, Simon Reeve. Wanderlust award ceremony has been held for 21 years.

In the Wanderlust competition, Dubrovnik was nominated in the category for the most desirable city in Europe, along with some of the most attractive tourist destinations, such as Tallinn, Lisbon, Istanbul and Seville. Tens of thousands of loyal Wanderlust readers chose Dubrovnik as the most desirable of them all.

The award for the most desirable city in Europe was accepted by the director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Miro Drašković.


‘The Wanderlust award given to Dubrovnik is an indication that we have won the permanent favor of the readers of the most important broadcast market with our quality and recognition, and this prestigious recognition confirms that our destination is highly positioned on the tourist map of the world’, Drašković said, ‘it is a great honor for us to confirm great expectations and that in the extremely competitive UK market, which is an additional incentive for us to further position Dubrovnik as a leading destination in the Mediterranean‘, he concluded.