Dubrovnik’s Artist Ivana Pegan Baće Presents ‘The Dark Places’ in Vienna

‘The Dark Places’, installation of Dubrovnik artist Ivana Pegan Baće will be presented at MuseumQuartier in Wienna, @ Raum D / Q21. Ivana Pegan Baće is Q21 Artist-in-Residence recommended by BMEIA in July and August.

‘The Dark Places’ formulates mental chains of association where text phrases in speech bubbles are combined with songs, which the artist performs in order to guide visitors with headphones through the space.

The Dark Places

The Dark Places will be presented on Aug 21 @ 6pm

All texts and songs are characterized by a prevailing melancholic tone and tackle issues such as pain, desire and unrequited love. In one of the songs, the artist recites Heinrich Heine’s poem „Der Asra“ about an unrealized love relation between a slave and the sultan’s daughter. For another piece, the artist took PJ Harvey’s song „Who Will Love Me Now“ as a basis for a musical projection of desire.

The subconscious is triggered by the illuminated speech bubbles to come to terms with hidden or repressed desires, which often cause pain and challenge the individual to face reality. Text and sound collages thus link several layers of consciousness, which are stimulated through visual, linguistic and auditory impulses.

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