Dutch Kickboxing Legend Alistair Overeem is Back in Dubrovnik

Famous Dutch kickboxer and MMA superstar Alistair Overeem is currently enjoying a sunny holiday with family and friends in our lovely City. After a day of unwinding on beautiful Lopud island, the Dutch ‘Demolition Man’ set a course for Dubrovnik to which, according to him, he enjoys coming back to. Overeem spent a part of his summer in Dubrovnik last year as well, savouring traditional Dubrovnik delicacies and exploring the Old Town.

Currently competing in the heavyweight division of kickboxing promotion Glory, this kickboxing icon had his first MMA fight when he was only 19 years old, and after achieving a solid result in lesser-known organizations like RINGS, Overeem made his debut in the Pride Fighting Championships. He earned the nickname ‘Demolition Man’ for his style of fighting. He is currently the eight best MMA fighter in the world in the heavyweight division, and the 41st greatest MMA fighter of all time.