Tradition and people

Emerson de Souza Cruz predicts: Match will end in a draw!

Today when Croatia and Brazil play against each other, on the very opening of the FIFA World Cup, Emerson de Souza Cruz is the most wanted person in Dubrovnik. This soccer player from Konavle, who is also an actor in the Marin Drzic Theatre, has Brazilian roots and Croatian residence. He is also known as the son-in-law of Konavle, who will cheer for both teams this evening.

We found him at Stradun dressed in two flags – Brazilian and Croatian.

‘The game should end with a tie, 2:2. In that case I would celebrate four times’ he said with a smile on his face.

‘But it will be difficult to beat Brazil. Brazilians must win this game because expectations of Brazilian public are huge. Soccer is their life, and only victory will maintain peace among people!’

Emerson’s family is divided in cheering. The father, as he said, will cheer for both teams; his wife, Ana is supporting Croatia 100%; but their son, Leonardo, will fight under the Brazilian flag.

‘He will do whatever his father would do. That means Leonardo will support both teams’ explains proud father, Emerson de Souza Cruz.