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Enjoy Dubrovnik’s Mussel Weekend!

From the 27th to 29th of September visitors to Dubrovnik  and its restaurants can enjoy delicious local mussels at reasonable prices as part of ‘Mussel Weekend’. To celebrate World Tourism Day (WTD) on September 27th, Dubrovnik Tourist Board has organised the promotional event to reflect the WTD theme this year, ‘Tourism and water’. Restaurants taking part in the promotional weekend include: Antunini, Captain, Coloseum, Jezuite, Klarisa, Kopun, Lokanda Peskarija, Marco Polo, Mimoza, Moby Dick, Moskar, Oliva Gourmet, Penatur, Proto, Pupo, Ragusa 2, Sebastian, Teatar and Wanda

Visitors to these restaurants will be able to find mussel dishes from 50-70 HRK. Try a seafood risotto or mussels ‘Buzara’ in a delicious sauce for a taste of Dalmatia. Friday night will also see live music at 8 pm in front of St. Blaises’s Church so why not mix the two?


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