Enjoy Gastro Events in Dubrovnik: Codfish is Always ‘IN’!

Dubrovnik Tourist Board, as a part of Dubrovnik Summer Festival, organizes the Days of Codfish in some of our best restaurants. 

This lovely gastronomical event will take place from 19th to 24th December, so make sure to be a part of our culinary tradition!

CodFish in Dubrovnik2

From 45 Kunas, enjoy red codfish, codfish soup, bianco codfish, risotto, and many, many more tasteful codfish delicacies, along with the traditional kolenda songs, Christmas spirit, and winter in our town.

Restaurants serving codfish delicacies are Amfora, Dalmatino, Klarisa, Marianno, Mezzanave, Orsan, Orka, Pantarul, Rozario, Takenoko… Pick your gastro style and enjoy!