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Enjoy Some Fine Croatian Jazz Tonight!

Tonight, enjoy some deligtful Croatian jazz! At 9pm pianist Matija Dedić and vibraphonist Šimun Matišić will perform at Rector’s Palace.

This concert is a part of International Late Summer Music Festival Dubrovnik. Matija and Šimun,  amazing duo, make unusual combination of piano and vibraphone for several years now, performing music from Keith Jarrett , Pat Metheny, Chick Corea…

Ticket prices are between 100 and 300 kuna, and can be purchased online through the website of the orchestra, in offices of the orchestra from 9 am to 2 pm, in the Perla Adriatica tourist agency, in the gift shop Dubravka, the cultural center Luža and attheentrance one hour before the concert.

For further information contact the number 099 221 1585.

Biographies of the artists:

Prominent Croatian pianist Matija Dedić for a long time holds a nickname ‘the best Croatian jazz pianist’. He graduated from the Jazz Academy in Graz in 1997 and since then began his international career as a jazz pianist and composer and he later studied privately with one of the most respected jazz musicians, Barry Harris.


He has received numerous awards in the field of jazz music and is the absolute winner of this year’s award Porin, inseveral categories for the album ‘Matija plays Arsen’, and Porin for the best jazz album ‘Jazzy Bach’ with well-known jazz guitarist Darko Jurković – Charlie.

Matija performed with Darko Jurković for the last two years in ‘Dubrovnik in late summer’, but this year, he plays with Šimun Matišić, young musician who released his first album, ‘Jazz nocturno’ while he was only 14 years old, with his trio where he played vibraphone and marimba.


He collaborated with a number of foreign and domestic jazz and classical artists, such as Boško Petrović, Eric Robinson, Mario Mavrin, Primož Grašić, Florin Nicoulescu, Stochelo and Moses Rosenberg…

Currently he is studying sophomore percussion, and he is on the first year of classical composition on the Academy of Music in Zagreb, in the class of Professor Davorin Kempf.

Programme for tonight:

Keith Jarrett         Fortune Smiles
Keith Jarrett         In your quiet place
Pat Metheny        Missouri uncompromised
Pat Metheny        Sirabhorn
Pat Metheny        Question and Answer
Keith Jarrett        Coral
Pat Metheny       James
Chick Corea        Armandos Rumba
Pat Metheny       Farmers Trust
Chick Corea        La Fiesta