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Photo Gallery: Enjoy the Golf Game in ACI Marina Dubrovnik!

The ACI marina in Dubrovnik opened the door to an attractive golf training ground and mini golf courts within the marina this Thursday at 7 pm. With this great event ACI once again confirms its leading role in excellence and providing innovative services in its marinas.

Golf court is following the ‘Golf Range Concept’, the brand new idea of building a golf training ground on the surface area of a tennis court.

With its innovation and excellent design, the Golf Range Concept promotes golf and makes it accessible to everyone, and consists of a golf training ground and mini golf course that includes all the elements of a professional golf course where all the tricks of real golf can be practiced.

Imagined exactly this way, the field is suitable for golfers and their exercise while staying in the marina. The court is suitable for beginners as well, casual passers-by, locals … To all those interested in trying to play golf and never having a golf stick in their hands.

The golf exercise ground contains the following elements:
“Putting green” element with 6 holes
“Sand bunker” – a sand barrier for playing from sand
“Chipping green” – for a short game
“Practice nets” – 2 cage mats positioned for exercising long strikes
Mini golf course with 9 varied fields

The Golf Range Concept project is built on the surface of a tennis court (about 600-800 m2). During the construction of a golf training ground, the most up-to-date materials and artificial grass were used, which makes it possible for the golf training ground to be opened all year round.

Professional golf equipment is also available – Dunlop sets of matching golf clubs in handbags (for right-handed and left-handed), special sets for children, sorted by age groups, balls and carts as well as mini golf sticks and balls – all included in price of one hour of playing. With the support of golf animators, every guest will be able to learn their first hits and enjoy golf. As a fun for the whole family there is also a modern mini golf course with artificial grass with 9 different fields.

The new golf content at ACI marina in Dubrovnik is intended for all visitors, either boating guests or other visitors, who want to spend their time in the marina actively.

The Golf Range Concept in ACI marina Dubrovnik is a pilot project that raises the quality of services in marinas in total. The project will continue in other ACI marinas suitable for this kind of activity and ACI marinas will become a unique marina chain with a standardized offer of such golf training exercises.