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The Scenery
Whether travelling by land or sea along Croatia’s shoreline, you are guaranteed a voyage of spectacular scenery and breathtaking views. The bare mountains running like a spine down the coast, the translucent Adriatic and the picturesque towns are surrounded by more than a thousand islands anchored offshore. The fact that most of these islands are uninhabited makes them the ideal destination for those who want to get away from the crowds. The most picturesque route in Croatia is considered to be the Adriatic highway (Jadranska magistrala) which connects Rijeka in the far north and Dubrovnik in the far south (some 790 km).

Documents And Regulations
There are several documents travellers need to have available on their trips across Croatia: a valid passport, a valid international driving license, the vehicle registration card and insurance. Please note that valid insurance is obligatory. Seat belts are also obligatory, both in the cities as well as when driving through the countryside.
The minimum driving age within Croatia is 18. For motorcycles the wearing of crash helmets is required for both the rider and the passenger.

In traffic
Traffic regulations are similar to those enforced in other European countries. Croatia uses right-hand traffic with general speed limits of 100 km/h on overland roads, 130 km/h on motor ways and 50 km/h in built-up areas. While driving along the coast in Dubrovnik or the Dubrovnik Region, you may encounter many places where the speed limits are lower.
Petrol stations are generally open daily from 7.00 – 19.00 or 20.00. In summer, the opening times can be extended.

It is also worth mentioning that drunk people and children under the age of 12 should not occupy the front seat of the car.

By Car
Travelling by car is a great way to explore Dubrovnik, because it gives you the freedom to explore Dubrovnik Region as well. There are numerous places and towns to be seen and a variety of things to be done, but you might experience parking difficulties in Dubrovnik due to limited parking spaces available.

If it happens that your car disappears from the place you remember leaving it, don’t panic at once. Dubrovnik has a car towing service which tows cars that are wrongly parked to a special location where you can pick them up after paying a fine.

Do not leave your car in any area where it may be violating parking regulations or disturbing normal traffic as it will be towed away!
Towing Service – SANITAT DUBROVNIK – “Pauk” služba
Head of the department: +385 (0)20 312 265