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Enjoy Your Summer to the Fullest with ‘Just Dubrovnik’ Magazine

We are proud to announce that DuList has published the fabulous fourth edition of the free summer guide ‘Just Dubrovnik Summer Edition’. It is the only printed publication in English that guests and tourists can enjoy in Dubrovnik this season. The DuList editorial office has prepared a vast variety of exciting stories about the City, its offers, beauties, sights and cultural heritage, complemented by mesmerizing tales about the people who live and create in it. Sadly, ‘Just Dubrovnik’ was not published last year given the unfortunate coronavirus pandemic, so it is presented this year in its full glory on as many as 84 pages.

The luxury magazine brings numerous interviews, some of which being with Mayor Mato Franković, the director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board Ana Hrnić, and fantastic water polo player Paulo Obradović. Tourists can learn everything about the magnificent ‘Queen of oysters’ – the oyster from Mali Ston.

Captivating stories about Dubrovnik’s beloved artists Luko Paljetak, Tereza Kesovija and young Iva Laterza found their place in this edition as well, followed by all indispensable information about the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Get acquainted with the magical tradition of the City while discovering many gastronomic secrets along the way.

You can find your own free copy at the Dubrovnik Airport, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and local Dubrovnik restaurants.