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Epidaurus Festival: Greet the Indian Summer in Cavtat

The Epidaurus Festival will take place in Cavtat and the surroundings for the 10th time, from 9th to 23rd of September, marking the end of the summer in this small town near Dubrovnik.

The founder of the festival is Ivana Marija Vidović, charming worldwide known pianist who simply wanted ‘her dreams to come true’.

Epidaurus Festival (4)

Ivana Marija Vidović and ‘Oi Dipnoi’ group who performed last year

For its 10th birthday, Epidaurus Festival brings the amazing variety of artists and here you can find the complete programme.

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In Ivana’s own words…

On the south east part of the Croatian coast, in a beautiful, picturesque Cavtat we would love to welcome a cultural series of events; topical musical and artistic programmes which would firstly enrich this marvellous place and on the other hand give us an opportunity to introduce to the public the beauty of ancient, peerless Epidaurus, (nowadays called Cavtat), the area of breathtaking Konavle, it’s gorgeous tradition, culture, long history, natural miraculous beauties and a vast number of qualities in the vicinity of the famous town of Dubrovnik. It will also indicate the fact that Cavtat is a nucleus in which many things in this part of the world will confirm its significance and uniqueness.

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The Epidaurus Festival is a festival of music which will also include other artistic events (drama, theatre, literature, poetry, various presentations, folklore, educative programmes, matinees for young talents, getting to know the area, its beauty, nature, tradition, etc.). All this will give to Cavtat a dimension of cultural tourism.

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Let me express in advance my deep admiration and thanks to all my colleagues, Luka Korda – President of the Konavle Municipality, Frano Herendija – Director of the Tourist Board of Konavle and to all artists who will enrich this project and miraculous place with their creations. The 2007 Epidaurus Festival is planned to take place between September 18th and September 29th.

Ivana Marija Vidović – Artistic Director of Epidaurus Festival

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Remembering of Cavtat

I envy the charms of Cavtat
the sun kissing it even when it roams away
and for a short while disappears
and appears again,
bursts in flames
in the night lamps,
in wine, and
in the merry guitars play.

Ivana Marija Vidović