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EXCLUSIVELY FROM GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY: Mark Hamill and AT – ST Commanders caught on Banje beach?

On the third day of filming of the Star Wars movie, the scene moved to Banje where the production continued to shot a scene which appears to be a scene with popular AT – ST (All Terrain Scout Transport) Commanders with Mark Hamill himself!
According to what we caught on the paparazzi-style photographs, extraordinary costumes that extras wore today, look very similar to ‘chicken walkers’ – AT-ST crew that first appeared in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Their leader, who resembles Mark Hamill, wore different style uniform! Also, Just Dubrovnik spotted one elegant space vehicle that seems to be either ‘landspeeder’ (SW: Episode IV) od Podracer (Episode I) above Banje Beach, so it appears to be one very exciting day for Star Wars lovers in Dubrovnik today .

Some of them are even on the set, together with the crew – about 20 stunts and 30 extras are involved in shooting of Episode VIII. Stay with Just Dubrovnik – directly from the set, and enjoy beautiful photo gallery and short video we made for fans all around the world!