Exhibition of Dubrovnik Painter Stjepko Mamic opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ahwaz

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Ahwaz (Iran) is a host of the international exhibition named “People and the Arts of the East”, organized by German organization the Art of Nations, (Germany), in collaboration with the Peace and Art Society (Portugal) and GAPI group (Netherlands).
At the exhibition, which runs until 14th of May, Dubrovnik painter Stjepko Mamic presented his image “Seaside City”. The exhibition was organized to improve cultural exchange and understanding of the influence of Eastern culture and poetry and contemporary art in the world.Dubrovnik painter is an only Croatian participant at this exhibition, after which he will exhibit at “The Environment and Coexistence Exhibition in South Korea 2016” and “The Environment Meets Art”. These two art project will be organized in national museums all over the country (South Korea).

In May Stjepko Mamic will exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Science in Milan and in the historic building Palazzo Giustinian Faccanon in Venice.  As a part of the international project “The Gogyoshi Art Projec” Stjepko Mamic will also exhibit in the National Museum in Macedonia in August.
Tour around the museums of the world, Stjepko Mamic will end at the Museum of Maritime Affairs in Barcelona in December.