[Exhibition Opening] Livio Badurina: Diary of an Actor

Rehearsal Room/Space of Appearanace and Disappearance

Livio Badurina, the theatre crowd favorite, returns to Dubrovnik for another Festival summer this time not as an actor, but as a photographer and videographer with the exhibition entitnled Diary of an Actor – Rehearsal Room/Space of Appearance and Disappearance. The exhibition will be opened in Public Library Grad on Monday, 1st of Augusut @9 pm.

Badurina has once before shown his art as part of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, back in 2009, when his camera captured everyday Dubrovnik moments, visual stories of its people and actors, also in a sort of ‘diary’ – the project Dolce Vita/showreel/diary of an actor.

Diary of an Actor evokes the liminal spaces of socialization, between theatres and galleries, in its premises thematizing the places in which we exist, disappear or are yet to be. Placing the exhibition in the display window of the Public Library Grad, in one of the busiest Dubrovnik streets, Od Puča Street, the work call forth the chance passer-by to extract themselves from the crowd, to enter the spaces of rehearsals and for a moment feels the intimacy and magic of theatrical ephemera.

The exhibition will be open until 15 August. Entrance is free.

Photo: HNK