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Extraordinary sales exhibition in Dubrovnik!

Sales exhibition of Croatian designers was opened 10 days ago in Dubrovnik. Within a short time it became one of the most popular destinations for locals and foreign tourists. This exhibition in Dubrovnik became popular because it clearly stated and promoted the value of Croatian design and products. Salesmen and artists offer traditional souvenirs endorsed with a new look. They combined touristic articles, stories and scenarios with the genuine cultural heritage and the actual travel analogues, creating in this way a unique experience of tradition in a modern way!

Dubrovnik, as an intersection for tourists that are coming from different parts of the world by sea, land or air, proved to be an ideal place for this sales exhibition. Foreigners who visited Luza did not hide their delight over talented designers and their products. Products by designers working under the names Probes, Homage soup and Boye are the best selling products so far. However, huge interest of foreigners was also shown for furniture brands like Artisan and Revolve, who had just recently closed a come-out deal with Manchester. Ivana Omazic´s brand Adrian is most wanted among local girls, T-shirts with motifs of Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar are favorite souvenirs foreigners take with them. Sheriff & Cherry sunglasses are a must-have for everyone, and for some products, such as lamps Mini Me by Filip Gordon Frank, there has been an interest shown from a foreign Concept Store.

Croatian brands participating in the exhibition: Kvadra, Sheriff & Cherry, Adrian, I-GLE, etc., and numerous other renowned names such as Numen Group, Manufakturist, Filip Gordon Frank, S. Rotter, Marko Pavlovic, Cushion, Ruder Novak Mikulic and Mary Ruzic, Oasis, Ksenija Jurinec and others.

Sales exhibition will be opened until the 24th of August, and products can be purchased with an 10% discount for payment by MasterCard and Maestro cards.