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Fabulous Bural Products Just Waiting to Make Your Summer the Best One Ever

Bural, the fabulous Dubrovnik brand of textile products, in its newest collection offers attractive tote bags ideal for summer, especially designed for your numerous everyday activities. Spacious, easy to use and carry, with the indispensable motifs of the Dubrovnik historical core, Bural’s tote bags present a special storage for all your precious moments on each shoulder. Eco-friendly and washable, these tote bags are made from the same high-quality cotton as every other Bural product. In the four years of its existence, this creative Dubrovnik brand has created many marvellous textile products for both the kitchen and home.

Durable and versatile, Bural’s tote bags are made of solid cotton and can be used for countless purposes. You can use them both as a charming grocery bag or as a perfect fashion accessory for touring the city. They can also serve as a convenient storage for kitchen and household supplies, toys or those many household items that somehow have the habit of ending up all over the house. What is certain is that Bural’s tote bags will surely become a favourite evergreen fashion accessory, and every guest will be able to take a part of Dubrovnik home with them.

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One of their top products are wonderful kitchen towels with Dubrovnik motifs. Other than the wide use they are already known for – from wiping dishes, groceries, and hands to cleaning surfaces, they easily become a magnificent home decoration and are one of those things that are immediately noticeable when entering the kitchen. Since they are used for a wide range of purposes, it is imperative that kitchen towels are extremely durable. That is why Bural’s kitchen towels are made of especially high-quality cotton. Pleasing to the eye and pleasant to the touch, these washable kitchen towels simply tick your every box when it comes to a great product, they have it all – top design and lasting quality. In addition, their beautiful design allows them to easily serve as decorative napkins as well. For all those who love our City, having some of these kitchen towels in their possession will certainly make the memory of Dubrovnik long-lived.

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‘Born and raised’ in Dubrovnik, it is consistent with its name, which in the Dubrovnik dialect means – trunk or chest. Their collection, along with kitchen towels, contains a delightful line of aprons, lovely kitchen gloves and coasters, charming potholders and bread baskets, and the indispensable ‘bursa’ for groceries (which in Dubrovnik dialect means -bag) with beautifully stylized Dubrovnik motifs.

‘Bural’ unites the timeless charm of Dubrovnik with the most modern standards of textile design and production, both durable and high quality, as well as versatile in application. ‘In short, it is a gift for countless occasions, but also a treat for yourself,’ said the owner Danijela Klešković. She also wishes to continue with the production of new linen textiles and ceramic tableware in the near future.

Photo: Private archive