Famed fashion designer Ottavio Missoni visits his hometown

After arriving by his boat Issa to ACI Marina Dubrovnik, the renowned fashion designer and artist Ottavio Missoni visited the exhibition of his works The Genius of Colour – Drawings, Graphics and Tapestries opened last week in Dulčić, Masle Pulitika Gallery.

Missoni, his wife Rosita and their son Luca are visiting his hometown where he was born in 1921. He is happy to be in Dubrovnik again, while visiting his exhibition in Dulčić, Masle Pulitika Gallery he commented:

– I was born here and hope we will be back again. I am a Dalmatian with Italian passport. My father was born in Dubrovnik, my grandfather was a judge in Dubrovnik, and one of my relatives is a judge here. My father took Italian passport and that is why I always say I am a Dalmatian with Italian passport. Primarily, I am a Dalmatian.

He visited Dubrovnik last year, and he has been spending his summer holidays in the Adriatic for 40 years.

– I visited Dubrovnik last year. For 40 years I have been travelling along the Adriatic, from Trieste to Dubrovnik. My wife would not change the Adriatic for any other sea in the world, said the famed Missoni, who also commented his artistic work:

– I knit and Rosita makes fashion, each gives in 50%. I am a creator but my Rosita created me.

The exhibition in Dubrovnik opened after its premiere in Maribor, European cultural capital of 2012, and after its visits to Koper and Pula. The exhibition curator is Luca Missoni, and its co-author is another curator, Mario Steffe.

The exhibition was organised by Italian Union (Unione Italiana) in cooperation with Coast Galleries Piran, People’s University of Trieste, Ottavio and Rosita Missoni Foundation, Italian Centre Carlo Combi from Koper, Italian Community Santorio Santorio from Koper and Dubrovnik Fine Art Gallery. It is supported by the Italian Embassy in Zagreb, the City of Zagreb and the Istria County.

The exhibition The Genius of Colour – Drawings, Graphics and Tapestries in Dulčić, Masle Pulitika Gallery will be open by September 9.