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Famous Actress Nikki Leigh Basking in Dubrovnik Paradise

The popular American actress, model and social influencer Nikki Leigh is staying in Dubrovnik. The ‘Silencer’ star shared several photos from the City on her Instagram with about a million and a half of her loyal followers. She pointed out that, among other things, she loves the beautiful alleyways of the Old Town with numerous staircases that ‘lead to heaven’. “The world is my playground,” this ambassador for socially conscious companies wrote below a photo in one Dubrovnik café.

The former athlete turned respectable artist is trilingual, speaking English, Spanish and Turkish, and constantly points out the importance of education as well as self-confidence, which is why she especially loves working with children. The prominent actress has starred in films such as ‘Silencer’, ‘Open Marriage’, ‘The Wedding Ringer’, and has also appeared in numerous well-known series such as the ‘Two and a Half Men’, ’NCIS’ and ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’.

She has a passion for traveling, studying history and experiencing different cultures around the world, all of which thankfully Dubrovnik has in abundance.


Photo: instagram.com/missnikkileigh