Famous ‘Follow Me To’ Couple, Murad and Natalia, are in Dubrovnik

Murad Osmann and Natalia Zakharova aren’t just a regular couple traveling around the globe. Oh, no! They are the famous ‘hand-holding couple’ whose Instagram profiles are fulfilled with stunning photos from, well, everywhere.

Murad and Natalia are currently in Dubrovnik, and we are quite sure that they will, once again, bring themselves into photos with a famous ‘holding hands’ motif. This lovely couple arrived from Montenegro, where they were guests at the wedding.

Millions and millions of people are following them on Instagram because of their ‘Follow Me To’ motif. Natalia poses with her back facing the camera and Murad holds her hand behind her, creating now iconic photo pose. We’re sure they’ll find more stunning motifs from Dubrovnik…