Famous Model Elle Macpherson Enjoys Her Time in Dubrovnik

While the visits of most celebrities to Croatia are well-known to the public, as someone always manages to capture them, the arrival of the famous supermodel, also known as The Body, went almost unnoticed

Elle Macpherson, the 90s supermodel, spent last month in our country, specifically in Dubrovnik, where she explored the beauty of the Adriatic in the company of her family and her father, Peter Gow.

We found out about her visit when she shared it herself on Instagram, expressing her delight with our country and Dubrovnik. She wished her father a happy Father’s Day with a photo and a short video taken on a luxurious catamaran they were cruising on. In another post, Elle Macpherson praised her walk along the Stradun and shared the breathtaking view from her hotel room.

Photo: Instagram