Famous Pianist Martina Filjak: Every Return to Dubrovnik is Unique

Martina Filjak is our worldwide know and amazingly talented pianist. She performed with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra for the closing of this year’s Dubrovnik Late Summer Festival, and before the concert we took the opportunity to chat with this amazing lady about the concert, her impressions of Dubrovnik and collaboration with our fascinating Orchestra.

We are happy to hear that you are again on the Late Summer Festival, performing with Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, preparing Brahms for classical music lovers. Tell us something more about this lovely evening!

When we talk about Brahms 2. Concert, it is certainly a piece that is as demanding as it is, but also a challenge to both the orchestra and the soloist. This special piano concert combines all the finesse of solo, chamber and orchestral music. At the same time some soloists in the orchestra, such as clarinet and cello, have demanding solo parts to show and prove themselves.

You have already established an successful co-operation with our orchestra, from ‘Late Summer Festival’ to other concerts and festivals. Can you share your impressions of Dubrovnik in general, this beautiful collaboration with orchestra and how do you feel about performing here?

I am very happy to have achieved a kind of long-term cooperation with the orchestra: this is for me the third time at this lovely festival. Together we realized the Beethoven 5. Concert and the Schumann Concert, last year. In some ways, the performance of Brahms 2. Concert is our mutual growth. I performed in Dubrovnik several times and always felt very good. However, I am particularly pleased that in recent years there is a huge up-and-coming journey into the truly vibrant cultural life of the city!

It seems like you never stop – after the tonight’s concert, you are off to Samobor, Germany, Italy, Turkey and even South Korea. Considering that you have already performed at a multitude of different world stages, where would you place Dubrovnik? Does our town have its own special vibe?

I can really say that there are quite exciting months ahead of me and behind me too! I really love to travel, but in moments of great concentration, changes of of cities and airports seem to me like th relative change of scenery. The reason for my trip and stay is somewhat more than clear. However, every return to Dubrovnik is unique, it is a city that has its historical and cultural symbolism, as well as the emotional component for anyone who knows this city. Personally, here in Dubrovnik I always feel the dignified warmth of a sincere welcome.

How tedious is to keep this kind of performance rhythm and how do you relax?

Depending on my schedule, it is less or more tedious but also brings many musical and human moments that are proportional to the reward of effort. I am also grateful for the performances I have in Europe because I feel that changing the time zones often takes their toll. I have learned to appreciate and respect my personal and spiritual peace and serenity, and honestly, when I work a lot and when I am learning a lot, I like to have a good night’s sleep, just as Orlando in the book Virginia Woolf likes a ‘long and refreshing sleep’ (laughs).

Can you share with us your favorite music, author..?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say: my music tastes change depending on my mood and circumstances. I currently live in Berlin and it always makes me happy to enjoy the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra concert: these moments of outstanding performances are truly unforgettable!

Enjoy the photo gallery from the last night and closing of the Dubrovnik Late Summer Festival.