Festa 2013 Announced

From January 24th til’ February 2nd, the City of Dubrovnik will come alive as the annual ‘Festa’ (or winter carnival) comes to town. This year’s line up of live music and gastronomic events was announced at a press conference on Thursday at the Rixos Libertas Hotel.

Opening Festa this year will be the Klapa Festival on January 24th which will be held at the Marin Drzic Theatre. Festivities will close on February 2nd with the traditional Kandelor evening where the final day of the Festival of Wine will take place. Nano Vlasic, president of the Festa Association told reporters that the program was spread over ten days as there was such a large gap between the start of carnival season and Dubrovnik’s biggest day, the feast of its patron saint, St. Blaise.

Klapa Festival will see 14 regional vocal groups take to the stage to compete at the theatre with renowned groups such as FA Lindo and Klapa Subrenum taking part. Klapa Kase, Dubrovnik’s own student vocal group will perform a free concert at St. Blaise’s church on January 27th.

One of Festa’s biggest events is sure to be Croatian diva Josipa Lisac’s concert at Culture Club Revelin on January 25th. The star is set to perform previously unheard songs which are sure to delight the public. For those who prefer rock to pop there’s the traditional Dubrovnik Rock Parade the following night at Revelin where top bands including Valetudo, Embassy 516 and Feredon.

A special exhibition dedicated to St. Blaise will be held at the Marin Drzic Theatre from Monday January 29th at 7 pm. Finally on February 2nd in Luza in the Old Town, Agroturizm Konavle will present the final day of its Festival of Wine at 10 am. Visitors are invited to sample the region’s fantastic wines and purchase at promotional prices.

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