Finnish Artist Lights Up Dubrovnik City Walls

As part of Third Ear Festival currently taking place in Dubrovnik, Finnish conceptual artist Mikko Kourinki last night unveiled his light installation on the city’s walls. Visitors to Dubrovnik will be able to see the project tonight again between 6 and 10 pm at Pile Gate.

This year’s Third Ear Festival is dedicated to Scandinavian and Nordic culture, run by volunteer power, all of the events in the five day program are free to attend. Real Poem is the continuation of an art project which sees the words placed in different environments in different countries.

For conceptual artist Kuorinki, the world around us, the way it is, it becomes a poem and using objects and words he explores the relationship between individual and the physical reality. ” The urban landscape of Dubrovnik is dazzlingly rich and complex for a person who comes from the Nordic countries. I felt that the work had to be pretty simple and” empty” to actually have any effect in this unique environment.” Kourinki told press.

For more information on the artist and his work click here.