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First Big Data Sailing Academy Successfully Held

An educational program on sailing boats, Big Data Sailing Academy, was successfully held in the Dubrovnik archipelago in Croatia. Organized by Business Sailing Experience Agency, from May 19th to 26th, participants spent a week sailing the surrounding waters, visiting the beautiful Elaphiti Islands and Mljet National Park where a Big Data education was held on a different location every day.

Big Data Academy 1

During the seven days of the learning retreat participants sailed around the Dubrovnik majestic historic core, visited the lighthouse of St. Andrew built in 1873. and scaled the walls in Ston. The three biggest islands of the Elaphiti served as the perfect harbour for sail boats during the centuries, and proved so once again for the Big Data Sailing Academy. But the biggest excitement was caused by the Mljet Island National Park and its lakes. Most of the attendees commented that they could hardly imagine such beauty on the Old Continent.

Educational programs on sailing boats is a new concept developed by Business Sailing Experience Agency. Each day starts with a relaxing sailing trip to a desired location. Sail boats serve two purposes. They act as a floating hotel, but also build team spirit among the participants. That cohesion brings about a better understanding during the educational program which of course results in higher quality learning.

Big Data Academy 3


Big Data lectures are organized by the Croatian company Business Intelligence. The companies leading expert in the field of data analysis prepared an education that combines theory and best practices. Since Big Data has become such an integral part of many companies, the need for quality education on the subject has also become necessary.
By organizing a Big Data education on sailing boats BSE Agency has shown that Croatia has a lot of untapped potential on the tourism market regards to providing added value to its current offer. Educations on a hot topic on the unique platform of sailing boats provide guests with high quality content. Such a concept is especially suitable for developing the tourist in Croatia outside the usual summer months.

After the successful first edition of the Big Data Sailing Academy, the focus is now being shifted to our next events, made on a much larger scale. In October in the Trogir archipelago in Croatia, BSE Agency is organizing the 39th Ariane’s Cup, with more than 900 sailors from the European space industry. In addition BSE is organizing 3 sailing regattas for experts of the digital, open innovation and circular economy industry. These regattas will also feature inspirational content and will host speakers from the worlds leading companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.