First Days of 2019: Strong Wind and Low Temperatures

Dubrovnik’s Bridge is closed for all traffic due to strong stromm bumps, Croatian Auto Club HAK reports. Traffic is foreseen via Lozica-Mokošica-Sustjepan road. Strong northern wind (bura) caused air traffic problems, so the first morning flight from Croatia to Croatia by Dubrovnik was diverted to Split.

First days of 2019 were similar – with a bit of snow too! Temperatures drastically dropped and it seems the cold weather will follow us during this weekend too.

Winter 1

Bura closed Dubrovnik’s Bridge 

Due to the low outdoor temperatures expected in the next few days, water supply problems with freezing water and the failure of cold water, particularly in rural areas are expected, Vodovod Dubrovnik company warns. Therefore, users are advised to check the way in which the water meters in the watertight enclosures are protected. If necessary, water meters should be additionally heat-protected with thermal insulation material, and styrofoam or stone wool panels and other thermal insulation materials may be used as thermal protection. This way, users will ensure uninterrupted water supply during the cold days ahead.

Weather report for weekend:

Friday, Jan 4:

5° – real feel -1° – A couple of showers

Saturday, Jan 5:

5° – real feel -1° – A couple of showers

Sunday, Jan 6:

11° – real feel 1° – Times of clouds and sun