First Summer Weekend: Stay Patient and Tolerant in Traffic!

The first summer weekend is ahead of us, and with the departure of Croatian citizens on vacation and an increasing number of foreign tourists arriving in their vehicles, we can expect increased traffic intensity on our roads, leading to traffic congestion on major routes.

Significant delays and queues are expected at highway entrances and exits, especially at toll stations Lučko and Demerje on the A1 highway, along the A1 section from Lučko interchange to Bosiljevo interchange, on the Istrian Ypsilon, at the A2 highway exit near Trakošćan, on the Zagreb Ring Road, access roads to major tourist destinations, important state roads leading to the coast, ferry ports, border crossings, access roads to airports, and more, according to the Police.

Since most traffic accidents occur due to human error or gross violations of basic traffic regulations, the police will pay special attention to road safety and traffic flow, implementing a series of preventive and enforcement activities.

Activities will be carried out on major road routes leading from the inland to the coast, as well as on access roads to major tourist destinations, with particular focus on highways and important state roads.

A maximum number of police officers will be involved in these activities, ensuring their visible presence on the roads. They will be deployed on routes that statistically show higher risks and experience the most intensive traffic, utilizing all available devices and equipment for traffic monitoring and control (speed monitoring devices, devices for detecting alcohol impairment, drug testing kits).

To achieve optimal traffic flow, physical traffic management will be implemented on congested road sections such as highway entrances and exits, traffic interchanges, access roads to major tourist destinations, ferry ports, border crossings, access roads to airports, and more, where significant traffic congestion, delays, or disruptions occur.